My love for life runs deep, and that love is informed by grief, loss, and pain. I resonate with the words of playwright Terence: “Nothing human is alien to me.”

Trained in depth psychology, I believe the potential for deep healing, connection, and revitalization exists within this work. In our sessions, I focus not only on what is brought in for discussion, but on the dynamics and patterns at play between us. If, for instance, a person struggles to make their needs known in everyday life, they might struggle to make their needs known in therapy. Together, we would attend to this dynamic, showing it curiosity and compassion while investigating new ways of being in the safety of the therapeutic space.

My approach is multifaceted but rooted in relational psychoanalysis and Internal Family Systems (IFS). I believe we are harmed in relationship but healed in it as well, and that we are complex creatures made up of many “parts.” It is in understanding and tending to the needs, interests, and methods of our parts that we can start to untangle our lives and live more freely. When appropriate, I integrate trauma-informed somatic practices.

I am an ideal fit for anyone who is engaged, curious, and seeking to be known. I have a passion for working with individuals living with chronic pain and other chronic health conditions, and a heart for supporting the “outsiders” of the world: people who feel misunderstood and/or who struggle to fit in.

I’ve worked with adolescents in foster care, residential, and occupational therapy settings, with adults in chronic pain settings, and in hospice. My master’s in Counseling Psychology is from the Seattle School of Theology and Psychology, and I am on the Board of the Psychophysiologic Disorders Assocation (PPDA). In 2023, I will begin training in relational psychoanalysis through the Stephen Mitchell Relational Study Center in New York.

My belief is that we heal and grow ourselves in order to go out and contribute to the healing of the world. I am an antiracist, LGBTQIA+-friendly therapist on my own lifelong journey of healing, growth, and education.

I consider this sacred work, and a true privilege. I look forward to meeting.

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