My love for life runs deep, and that love is informed by grief, loss, and pain. I believe in the saying, “Nothing human is alien to me.” If a human can feel it or do it, that same capacity lies within me.

Trained in depth psychology and relational psychoanalysis, I believe that what occurs between us in the therapeutic space is just as relevant, educational, and transformative as what is brought in for discussion. However, I ground that exploration in trauma-informed somatic practices. We are harmed in relationship but healed in it as well, and growth is found not only in story but in becoming more regulated, present, and able to sit with all our emotions.

I specialize in working with individuals living with chronic pain and/or chronic health conditions, and have a heart for supporting “outsiders”—people who feel misunderstood and/or who struggle to fit in. Chronic pain is an epidemic, and yet it can make any of us feel like we’re on the outside.

For years, I was a chronic migraine sufferer. I learned early that rest and joy are integral to my well-being. I live a simple, slow life in Lake Lure with my partner and our Heeler mix, Luca. Outside of my practice, I volunteer with a local organization that provides equine-assisted wellness programs to veterans, frontline workers, and their families.

I have worked with adolescents in foster care, residential, and occupational therapy settings, with adults in chronic pain settings, and in hospice. My master’s in Counseling Psychology is from the Seattle School of Theology and Psychology, and I was educated on mind-body approaches to chronic health conditions through the Psychophysiologic Disorders Association (PPDA). Currently, I am in a nine-month course on trauma and nervous system regulation.

My belief is that we heal and grow ourselves in order to go out and contribute to the healing of the world. I am an antiracist, LGBTQIA+-friendly therapist on my own lifelong journey of healing, growth, and education.

I consider this sacred work, and a true privilege. I look forward to meeting.

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